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What a lymph drainage session will be like


If you come for a lymph drainage session, we will begin with a brief consultation so I can get an understanding of what issue you are dealing with, and what area in particular you would like me to focus on.


Next, you can decide whether you would like to leave your clothing on for your session or remove some (or all) of it in order to allow more direct access to the skin. Just like in a massage, you would be covered with a sheet and blanket the entire time, with only the area I am actively working on being uncovered. If you prefer to remain clothed, be sure to come in wearing soft, thin, nonrestrictive clothing (think workout attire).


Once you are lying on the table cuddled under sheets and a blanket, I will start work at your neck (you probably already know there are plenty of lymph nodes there!) and you will feel the very light amount of pressure that I will be using for the duration of the session. I may need you to flip face-down or turn onto your side at some points during the session, but the pressure of the strokes will always be very gentle. People usually find this a wonderfully relaxing and soothing therapy. Don’t worry about falling asleep, it is completely fine if you do.


After the session is over, be aware that the movement of your lymph fluid will be increased over the next 24-48 hours. That is exactly the goal, but it often means that frequent trips to the bathroom may be necessary during that time as your kidneys and colon process the extra fluid so it can leave the body. This is totally normal, but it helps to know to expect it ahead of time. If you have a long drive home, be sure to visit the bathroom before you go.

That's it! Not as scary as you thought, right? If you have any lingering questions, feel free to reach out to me by phone (call or text), email, or contact form. You can find all that info here.


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