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Couple's Massages can be booked by phone

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Clarice Pahl



Clarice strives to offer a restorative massage experience through her background in spa treatments and loves working with clients seeking deep pressure, pain relief for injuries and chronic muscle tension. If you see Clarice, you will experience deep relaxation with long, soothing Swedish strokes, deep pressure where you need it, and attentive care to trouble areas.


Clarice is skilled in

  • deep tissue work

    • for relief from persistant tension or pain

  • relaxation massage

    • creating a perfect, mind-quieting experience


Shelby Mollitor



Shelby is intentional about crafting a massage experience that not only impacts a person's body, but also connects with them energetically and emotionally.


Her gentle style, influenced by acupressure, myofascial release, and kinesiology, seeks to create a non-painful path to relief and deep relaxation.

Shelby is skilled in

  • intuitive massage

    • for a holistic approach to therapeutic touch

  • pediatric massage

    • working with kids who need soothing attention and relaxation

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Kari Bechtel-Unekis LMT


Kari enjoys addressing acute and chronic pain issues, seeking to get to the root of the issue to solve it. Using slow, assessing strokes, she may use gentle stretching, movement, trigger point therapy, or even address swelling or scar tissue restrictions.


Kari is skilled in

  • lymph drainage

    • for swelling, post-surgical recovery, and auto-immune conditions​

  • scar tissue release

    • to soften tight or stiff scar tissue​

  • Rapid neuro-fascial reset

    • a movement based therapy for serious pain issues​

Our Team

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