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Therapeutic Massage

Whether you seek a moment of quiet relaxation in your busy life or need to address physical pain, therapeutic massage has an incredible capacity to soothe and heal.


30 min - $45
60 min - $80
90 min - $120


Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept insurance. It is possible that your insurance may reimburse you after the fact depending on your coverage. If you intend to submit your receipts to insurance, please request a receipt for insurance.

How much do I have to undress?

Your comfort is the most important thing. We have worked on people fully clothed or fully disrobed and everything in between. Do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. The most common choice is to just leave underwear bottoms on or to simply take everything off. If you wear a bra, and wish to remain clothed on top, consider wearing a soft sports bra or removing the bra but leaving your shirt on so I can get good work done on your back. But again, choose what sounds most comfortable to you.

How much pressure is too much?

The amount of pressure I apply is constantly and carefully assessed judging by how your muscles respond to the work I am doing. If they soften to my pressure, that's wonderful! If they tense against what I am doing, then your body is sending a signal that it's too much pressure, and the sympathetic nervous system (in charge of the fight-or-flight response) is telling the muscles to protect themselves. Continuing to add pressure through this response can result in intense soreness for several days after your session, and may result in you feeling even tenser after you heal. My goal is to help you improve the way you feel over time, and that is often achieved with less pressure than you may expect. Don't worry, I will definitely be getting rid of tension and working out knots, it will simply all be done with careful awareness to your body's response and needs.

Will I be sore after?

You may feel lightly sore the next day, but no more than you would feel after a good workout. If you experience more soreness than this, let me know, and I'll adapt my approach so that you'll feel relaxed and mobile afterward, rather than sore.

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