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Infrared Sauna

Heat that works deep in the muscles for relaxation and tension relief. 


30 min - $35

Infrared saunas differ from traditional saunas in that they are not heated through hot coals or steam. Instead, non-visible infrared light warms your body with a refreshing dry heat free from the UV radiation that causes skin damage. You will be given a lightweight robe for use inside the sauna, a dry towel, and several cool, damp towels for cleaning off afterward so you can feel refreshed after your sauna time. (Please note there is no shower on the premises.)

Easily connect your phone to the built-in bluetooth speakers to listen to your own music, or listen to our soothing music collection instead. It is also safe to use your devices (phone, eReader, music player) inside the sauna, so bring whatever you like to make the time the most relaxing for you.

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