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It can be hard to know what length of time is right for you, so here are some general guidelines to help you:

Scar Release

Scar release work only (no matter the size or severity of the scar) - 30 min



One area with moderate tension (e.g. neck/shoulders, legs, wrists/forearms) - 30 min

Half-body (upper or lower) with moderate to extreme tension - 60 min

Full body with moderate overall tension - 60 min

Full body with significant overall tension - 90 min

Full body with areas of extreme tension - 120 min

Lymph Drainage

One area of moderate severity - 30 min

Whole body for occasional conditions (bloating, constipation) - 30 min

One area of extreme severity - 60 min

Whole body for chronic conditions (fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, auto-immune conditions) - 60 min

Mixed Sessions

Add together the length of the desired focus areas/modalities to get an estimate of your ideal session length. If uncertain, an appointment of 90 min is a good start for first-appointment assessment and allowing time for varied work.

For more guidance on what may be a good length for your session, you may also contact me by phone, email, or contact form (see bottom of page).

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