Therapeutic Massage

A traditional massage. From working on pain and tension, to focusing on soothing and relaxing, this session will be tailored to suit your needs.

Intuitive Massage

A massage with a blend of acupressure, craniosacral techniques for soothing the nervous system, and attentive care with an intuition-led focus.

Sauna sessions & Combos

Relaxing half-hour sauna sessions are available, as well as sauna and massage combo sessions which start with warming you in the sauna and end with massaging out your softened muscles.

Pregnancy Massage

A massage tailored to the needs of a pregnant body. Laying on your side you will be bolstered with lots of fluffy pillows while your tension is massaged away.

Pediatric Massage

A massage focused on the needs of minors. Whether we are working on a young athlete or a little one with anxiety, we'll craft a session that's right for your child.

Lymph Drainage

A light touch therapy using sweeping motions that helps move lymphatic fluid more quickly through the body. Good for managing edema, bloating/swelling, or post-surgical recovery.

Scar Release

A gentle therapy for softening and normalizing tight, prickly, or otherwise troublesome scar tissue. Good for any scar 10 weeks old to decades old.

Blended Session

For those who need a combination of at least two of these three therapies: therapeutic massage, lymph drainage, scar tissue release.

Rapid Neuro-Fascial Reset

A fully-clothed movement-based therapy aimed at addressing serious chronic pain and mobility issues. Not relaxing but effective at treating pain.


Massage & Bodywork Sessions

30 min session: $55

60 min session: $100

90 min session: $140

Sauna Sessions

30 min session: $40

Sauna & Massage Combo Sessions

30 min sauna + 30 min massage: $90

30 min sauna + 60 min massage: $135

30 min sauna + 90 min massage: $175