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Willow Wellness Collab was founded with the mission to 


This not only means providing attentive and knowledgeable services to our clients, but also recognizing the incredible value that healing professions, like massage therapy, provide to the world. Touch is a crucial point of human connection, and therapeutic touch brings relief to people in pain, a moment of respite to those in emotional anguish, and a calming input to a frazzled nervous system.

Many healing professions, including massage therapy, are undervalued, overworked, and underpaid. Our goal is to create an environment where:


You are valued.

This means you are paid as much as possible and trusted in deciding how you want your sessions to look, how you want to interact with your clients, and what specialties you wish to pursue. This is a collaborative atmosphere where we will work together to create a culture of mutual respect and group decision-making instead of a top-down hierarchical structure. Your voice matters in how the business develops, what services should be offered in the future, and more. Also, being valued and respected means total pay transparency, direct contact with clients (instead of having client contact info hidden from you for fear you will "steal" them), and autonomy to be yourself and shine in the way only you can.

You choose your work schedule.

You know what works for you and your life. The only scheduling concern we have for you is to make sure there is a treatment room available for each person who is working. That's it. To that end, we do ask that you have a repeating schedule, either the same every week or a two-week pattern so that everyone can plan accordingly. Within that loose framework, you choose what will work for you and change your schedule when needed. 

You are paid as much as possible.

We are certain that an employee pay model is the most ethical and respectful way for massage therapists to be paid. This means you don't have to worry about quarterly self-employment taxes, you have access to unemployment insurance if it's ever needed (please, no new pandemic), worker's comp in case you ever get injured on the job, and paid time off for vacations, sick days, or whatever you need to use it for. You are given one rate of pay for non-session work time and a different pay rate for in-session work time (see more details in the pdf below). On top of this, with profit-sharing, the better the business does, the more you benefit too! Sales in the shop come with commission pay, so if you are busy checking out customers, you get paid more for it. At the end of every month, the profits are divvied up according to hours worked. So the more you worked that month, the higher the percentage is of your payout. This is how we will commit to paying our people as much as possible while still endeavoring to keep prices accessible for our clients.

Join us!

As a business newly expanding from a one-person practice, Willow Wellness Colab. will surely have some time of ramping up in busyness, but we would love to have you join our team and build a workplace that is good for everyone involved!

Job Description


  • Licensed in massage therapy (applications from massage students who will soon graduate will also be considered)

  • Caring and collaborative personality

  • Independent worker

  • We are particularly in need of people trained in MLD


  • Provide caring massage therapy

  • Record client notes in SOAP format

  • Sanitize and prep treatment rooms for next clients

  • Check clients in and out for sessions or sauna visits

  • Check out customers with shop purchases

  • Answer the phone and book clients

  • Light, general cleaning of treatment rooms, common areas, and sauna

  • Laundry (wash/dry, fold)


  • Employee status

  • $12/hr for non-session hours

  • 42% for session time

  • Client tips

  • 10% commission on shop sales

  • PTO accrual starting immediately

  • Profit-sharing based on hours worked: When the business does well, you benefit! 

Our Values

  • Foster inclusivity and accessibility

    • LGBTQIA+ accepting and affirming

    • Accommodating to clients with disabilities and chronic illnesses

  • Foster collaboration over hierarchy

    • Collaboration over competition

    • People over profit

  • Provide knowledgeable, healing services

    • Commitment to continuing education in our field

  • Provide welcoming, attentive care

    • Creating a safe space for all people (includes masking when the CDC or Ottawa County Health Department recommends it)

Let’s Work Together


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