Our Team

Shelby Mollitor, LMT


Shelby is intentional about crafting a massage experience that not only impacts a person's body but also connects with their energy and emotions.

Her gentle style, influenced by acupressure, myofascial release, and kinesiology, seeks to create a non-painful path to relief and deep relaxation.

Jen Perry, LMT


Jen enjoys practicing massage focused on treating medical issues and supporting overall wellness.

Her medically-focused sessions include assessments of structure and range of motion. They often include joint movement as well as stretching. She loves to focus on trying to locate the root cause of discomfort.

Joey Teja, MMT


Joey's massages focus on figuring out the cause of tension, pain, and discomfort. He uses his knowledge of the way the body works to trace the complex causes of pain problems to help people find relief.

Joey has additional training in working with TMJ pain and dysfunction which helps to alleviate jaw pain.

Kari Bechtel-Unekis, LMT


Kari enjoys addressing acute and chronic pain issues. Using slow, assessing strokes, she may use gentle stretching, movement, trigger point therapy, or even address swelling or scar tissue restrictions.

She is skilled in working with scar tissue and using lymph drainage for edema and post-surgical recovery.